Inexpensive sets of headphones can often be found at various flea markets for very little moolah. The Condition is Excellent, ready to use or display. There’s pot metal involved and over time the horn neck can swell tightly into the base This is not an scan version of and old original. The horn has come undone from the base. Items are as is, where is, no warranties or guarantees.

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Jan Tue 25, Any shortfall from sale plus commission and expenses thereof shall be paid by the purchaser.

Radio Horn

The decal with the lion looks good. I also want to know if that part is assembled with the screw base.

There is a manual on the internet to help me see how I can restore or build a base myself? I, at one time had a horn with this keent and it unscrewed perfectly. Help Atwater Kent speaker L horn Posted: In desperation you could adapt an earphone to work as a driver, but typically one earphone will be half of the impedance match to the output tube.


Jan Sat 29, 1: Hi Ken, I forgot about the green Model G horn. Here’s how that turned out: Getting notified via Ient Text Message will require you to verify your cell phone via the profile page in your account.

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Radio Horn Speakers collection on eBay!

The highest bidder shall be the purchaser upon the completion of bid verification. Here is a Model H driver, used on nearly kennt models except the M and R. Jan Tue 25, 8: All models may have open windings. Want to phone or mail the auctioneer? AK Horns Here is what I know.

We will send you a notification when the item is about to go up for live bidding. Attendance at the auction, preview, or removal by bidders and guests is done at gorn sole risk. Jan Wed 26, 1: Internet bidders shall have within 24 hours upon receipt of their email notification to pay for their items.

This item is part of the auction: All others were rigidly bolted together.


I always thought was the Model M that had the bakelite driver originally, hence why they command a higher price. Selling as is no returns. Oh well too late now anyway and I am starting to feel better about my decision.

Antique Radio Forums • View topic – Help Atwater Kent speaker L horn

Skip to main sepaker. AK only made one driver as far as I have seen that used a Bakelite inner metal outer, maybe pot with the cable coming out the bottom instead of terminals.

Could be corrosion, but it should be hollow. They have a nameplate with the Atdater name and model. Previous topic Next topic. Proudly made in Lititz, PA. Search “radio horn speaker”, “antique horn speaker”, “horn speaker base”, etc

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