Be careful here; do not use the example provided by the installation script, since that isn’t applicable to a Xen host. Obviously, between each test, I restore the environment back to a functional state and wait a few minutes for the multipath driver to reestablish its connection to the broken path. After OS installation, shut down and restart test1, and you should see the two added disks with fdisk -l. Close this window and log in. Place the HBA that you want to replace into the Defined state by typing the following command: Virtualization technology was part of the IBM mainframe decades before virtualization gained its current industry adoption. What you’d advice to use, native OS multipath tools.

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The advantage is that by collaborating between guest OS and hypervisor when making low-level calls, a Xen guest can achieve near native performance in most cases which is to say that this type of virtualization is the most cost-effective implementation on commodity hardware. If those two commands run successfully, then you can be assured that your Xen environment is configured properly.

DS4800/RHEL5 multipathing trouble

Mototrbo depot programming tool. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. When installing the Xen tools packages, it seems to me that there is a circular dependency no matter what order I install them in, so I have to force the first package to install without dependency verification and then install the rest in this order:.

You can use xentop for this as well.


For each dar on which autorecovery is enabled, you must disable it by setting the autorecovery ODM attribute to no. For simplicity, I show only two FC connections in Figure 2; each one is connected to the same set of switches as the host. You should see the status of your virtual machines as in Figure 4.

Collecting system data In preparation for the hot swap procedure, complete the following steps to collect data from the system: The fdac network frontend is handled by the module xennet and the backend by netbk.

It looks like there is a descrepency between the preferred path on the SAN side and the preferred path on the ESX side. Creating this file from scratch isn’t easy, but it’s fairly easy to modify this file manually. While virtualization, which reduces server count by increasing utilization efficiency and lowering ds48000 costs, is an excellent solution to the problem of overwhelming demand, it can also add a burden to system availability since more applications are now running in each box.

DS Reboot / Rescan Losing Preferred Path |VMware Communities

Because the IBM SAN storage rdzc were designed for multipath access, you don’t need to do anything special to make a logical drive accessible from multiple paths. You can not post a blank message. For each dar, type the following command to verify that affected dar attributes indicate the dd4800 of two active dac s: Multipath data access is a remedy to this issue. In my case, I see the following:. Each server sees the following 4 paths: Give it a size and check the option Allocate entire virtual disk now.


When you start up a Xen host, the Xen hypervisor takes control of the ds480 first, then it loads the first guest OS, which is called the domain 0 or Dom0 in Xen lingo.

My question is what is the drivers that I need to upgrade in that case I try to find some documentation on ibm but nothing that I see about aix and rdac only linux stuff!

Where do i get this RDAC?

In the Enterprise Management window, verify that the storage subsystem s are Optimal. Ds48800 output looks similar to the following example: In order to get it working, I had to install the rdac and use the. I ve read many documentation but no luck.

The guest OS doesn’t need any special driver to have multipath access to the backend storage. The Host Port Information window displays.

Discover the magic of the Internet. This completes the setup process for test0, which now has multipath access to three LUNs on the DS The Tek-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action. This post was not directly relevant to our architecture but was a similar concept. Naturally at this point, you’ll only see the domain 0 running.

If you remove a logical drive, make sure the other LUN numbers remain contiguous! The fibre channel HBA hot swap is now complete.

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