Which one is right for you? What I am missing is the step that actually gets the driver to be used. I work for Imagination Tech, unfortunately management are very anti open source. Below steps is what I tried so far but has no luck to get it work. But a big pain to install. Scroll down for the next article.

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Bringing old hardware back to life. This lends a speedy experience on any device, overcoming slow hard drive read-write speed. Do you remember how they broke that by releasing the infamous Poulsbo card?

I have been using Cub Linux.

April 4th, 6. I guess somehow I thought all Atom processors were taking a huge step up. Well, this was known for ages.

Something simple and easy? Lntel you very much! Here’s a list of the very best Linux operating systems to help. So, if you plan to buy a netbook, beware!


5 Lightweight Linux Distros Ideal for an Intel Atom Processor PC

Frankly, the experience was not great, so I had put it away for a while. Loading graphic driver for intel atom n processor Atom is a big family and yes, some of them can be quite powerful. Alan Logged brf User Posts: Write a comment Name: Why is it not integrated to the main Linux and X.

I’m with you there on the bit thing! Never heard before, but my ancient Lenovo Ideapad S10e runs like a charm now Linux Mint and Ubuntu are two of the most popular Linux distros, but there are real differences between the two. Thanks for all the good work.

If you want to make comment on Intel’s lack of support fine but don’t lie about it. Great pick, and yep MATE is pretty slick. If you did there’s no way you would make such an ill informed comment. A Customizable Linux Operating System. Mick Amadio via Wikimedia Commons.

Downloads for Intel® Atom™ Processor D Series

Tags for this Thread drivergmagraphic driverintel. Yours and original poster’s are far from similar: As long as open source is not financially good for them, they won’t do it. Join Date Mar Beans 2.


Atomm dibl siduction community member Global Moderator User Posts: Totally go-tos for breathing new life into my aging machines. Yeah, maybe I should have looked before posting.

What distro are you currently using on it? What’s chances to get “modesetting” compiled for “siduction? My c beats my i7 on about half of the tests I tried. Lubuntu pitches itself as both lightweight and fast. Point Linux with Xfce.

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