Use the spring hook from below the printer to anchor the front of the spring. Paper jam in the sheet drawer Meaning A paper jam has occurred in the sheet drawer. The printer does not have enough memory to save the data in the buffer. Verify the proper alignment of the top cover with the paper exit guide along the mating edges at the rear of the exit tray. Press and release Continue twice quickly to display the secondary error code light sequence. Page Remove the four screws A , the machine screw B and the machine screw C.

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Secondary light sequences printer errors Printer Condition Page On—The printer processes raw binary PostScript print jobs from computers using the Macintosh operating system. Timeout on data collection during auto alignment The manufacturer is not responsible for safety in the event of use of unauthorized replacement parts. Wait for the message to clear.

Resistance to loosening the screw may have to be applied to the shaft. PageRemove the six screws D. Remove the developer drive coupling F.


Remove the one screw above the reversing solenoid. Always verify the same results from a different toner cartridge assembly and developer before proceeding. Notices And Safety InformationNotices and safety information The following laser notice labels may be affixed to this printer as shown: Each card contains the printer settings.

Check the AC line voltage. Use envelopes that lay flat when individually placed on a table face-down.

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Align the link end of the shaft with the opening in the 451 frame, and remove the shaft and spring anchor E. This manual also for: ConnectorsConnectors System board Connector Pin no. If not, lubricate only when parts are replaced or as needed, not on a scheduled basis.

Don’t have an account? The secondary light pattern indicates an area or function which has the error. Lezmark Download the valid engine code to the internal print server.


Top Cover RemovalTop cover removal Remove the right side cover. Improvements or changes in the products or the programs described may be made at any time. Be sure to remove this strap, and install it in the new drive. The ground strap held by screw B is not included in 451 main motor drive FRU.


Remove the two screws A holding the fan to the side frame. Remove the strip from inside the tray. Contact the next level of support. PageAssembly 2: Open the right side cover.

Lexmark Model 4512 Laser Printer E250dn Monochrome

Anchor the left spring on its rear post and maintain tension on it while snapping the assembly into position on the left side. PageUnlatch the fuser see A and B in the second photo belowand remove. Tilt the printer onto its right side, and remove the six screws Athe screw Pexmarkand the ground cable screw C. Lift the right side opposite the coupler and remove the duplex.

Remove the media level indicator. Lift the back of the top cover right side in photo to prevent the gears on the assembly from touching other items while removing, especially the fuser mounting bracket.

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