Nothing but constant dropped packets and dropped connections using the wireless portion of the router. Till then, a gigabit router with 54g cards has been bulletproof for me. Hello magidad, and welcome to Windows Seven Forums. Buy it and let us know if it doesn’t work; somebody is going to know about it Have you tried adjusting the RTS Threshold?

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Having said that, some issues such as the vpn not running while set to “static ip” mode on an xDSL connection with the for example WRV may not exist for someone using a wpc440n0 modem connection if they set their router to “obtain ip automatically” mode. I was hoping nobody else would have same problem with their router Does this mean they changed and fixed the concern for tying up port for other applications?

I have tried to use the default winddows drivers for both cards as windwos as the specific driver from the manufacturer for both, but to no avail. While watching the ping responses roll in, I start a large file transfer from one wireless PC shared directory to my other wireless PC. The problem is in the router. I was only 10 feet away from the router with strong signal.

I tried to download same file from shared wired PC, but not in the same time.


Linksys WPC4400N Wireless-N Business Notebook Adapter Windows 2000, XP Drivers & Utility

Have you tried adjusting the RTS Threshold? Although this routers signal strength upstairs is better than the Dlink’s was and the speed readings I get on it also are much higher. Wjndows problem with transferring files Windows 7 Ultimate RC.

So it is the router. Originally Posted by magidad.

Nothing but constant dropped packets and dropped connections using the wireless wcp4400n of the router. There needs to be a linksys support group that will take trouble reports for this model as it is definitely flawed.

I am using WPA2 and will try turning that security mode off to see if the wireless drop outs and disconnects go away.

WRVSN VPN Gigbit Wireless Router Questions – Linksys | DSLReports Forums

Most Active Wpc4400m Topics this week I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the cards, I’ve tried using each companies proprietary control program, and both cards still give me an error in device manager saying “This device cannot start.

There seems to be no interest or movement for this router over there. Similar help and support threads.

77 Too risky at this kind of price point to keep it. If anyone has any other pieces of advice, please send them, I’m frustrated as all get out here. Sorry, I will get off the soap box now. Actually the Dlink never dropped the connection so it is better than this Linksys when it comes to that.


Rental car lied [ Automotive ] by Jan Janowski. Till then, a gigabit router with 54g cards has been bulletproof for me. Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning You have to unplug the USB drive from the router when rebooting the router, then after wlc4400n finishes booting, plug you USB drive back in to get it recognized again.

Wireless is the pits though. But I cannot recommend it at this time.

Hi I just bought a Via sata card to use with my disks. The drive was formatted NTFS and does work with quick and small access attempts it seems, but keep using it and it WILL eventually fail and router locks up and needs a total reboot again to fix all connections. DocLarge to staticfree6 Premium Member Feb 3: Tried a few more things

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