To make it autoload, do ‘sudo make install’, blacklist all the build-in modules, and plug the adaptor in. I think this guide is quite too old. I just tried the latest Windows XP driver with ndiswrapper as well, but ndisgtk just says “Hardware present: I applied my patch to the rtsta driver downloaded from Ralink’s website and built that on Jaunty, but did not test my naive patch against the Karmic kernel sources, as I expected the same result. I think we will need a volunteer kernel hacker to take a look at it and see if the fix is reasonably easy. I have no problem of connection. We’ll see in a few days.

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You can confirm it is working with the command iwlist Look for an entry labeled “ra0”. It will allow wusb6600n upstream developers to examine the issue. I am not sure whether “v2” is an entirely different chipset, or whether it’s just rt with a quirk.

Marco Paulo Martins Sousa marcomsousa wrote on I have been able to successfully connect to my own network unsecured using wicd – however am unable to browse internet gnome-network- manager still does not recognise linkshs device Network Tools displays all link information correctly iwconfig displays ra0 with correct information.


WUSBN Version 2 Drivers for Ubuntu – Linksys Community

Same user from Sometimes connection hangs though and cannot recover from suspension. Penalver penalvch wrote on I’ll play around with some settings and see if I can work that out.

Ubuntu users, please read: Message 6 of 31 36, Views. I’m quite knew with linux but I have tried to apply this guide http: Re-installing the wireless didn’t work, Wusb6600n had to reboot to the former kernel and re-install the wireless to fix it. I’m not sure how fervently upstream tries to support manufacturers who buy the rt chipset and put it in their own product.

Installing A WUSB600N In Linux

I have am using the 5Ghz band. I just finally completed an update to Bus Device Unfortunately you need to do step 3 every time you reboot.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Steve Sinclair radarsat1 wrote on The real question is, what else needs to be done to lijksys support for the ? I was thinking to upgrade to September 23rd, 1. For a simpler solution using the same method go here.

Jeremy Foshee jeremyfoshee on Message 5 of 31 36, Views.


WUSB600N Version 2 Drivers for Ubuntu 11.04

No oops, no drops, ping-flooded to my local gateway for 24 hours, wus600n loss 0. This device works in Linux and Ubuntu Karmic 64 bits. BTW does anyone have any feedback on linksye observations about slow transfer rate and ‘TCP Retransmission’ causing audio played over the wireless network to glitch? If my answer has been helpful, please accept it: Is there any way to get Canonical to engage Linksys or Ralink asking them to help us?

Message 27 of 31 4, Views.

No network device appeared. This worked perfectly for me. I tried setting config with iwpriv, with cfg, with NetworkManager, and with the. After working lijksys a short while initially, it now quickly fails each time it starts connecting to a network, causing the network-manager utilities to hang until the OS is rebooted.

Save the changes you made and exit gedit.

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